Probate Magistrate Court

Office Hours  8am-4:30pm

Duties of the Treutlen Magistrate Court

It is the duty of the magistrate court to provide an accessible court system to a citizen who may not be that familiar with the judicial system of Georgia. The process is much less complex and often faster than cases resolved in other courts, in the magistrate court, it is not mandatory to have an attorney for the presentation or defense of a case. Prose litigants (persons representing themselves) can present or defend their case, if a matter you are involved in seems to require an attorney, you are the person who has to make that decision. No magistrate court personnel can provide legal advice in any matter to a person utilizing this court. It is also improper to attempt to speak to a judge about any pending matter.

Civil Jurisdiction

The magistrate court is authorized to hear a variety of civil cases which include a statement of claims, dispossessory (evictions), foreclosure on personal property, garnishments, and abandon motor vehicles. The monetary limit is $15,000 with an exception to dispossessory actions (evictions), the monetary limit does not apply.

Criminal Jurisdiction

The Treutlen magistrate court has the authority to issue criminal arrest warrants for both misdemeanor and felony offenses; and upon sworn testimony of a law enforcement officer, are authorized to issue search warrants. The court is empowered to issue good behavior warrants, as well. The court also serves to hold first appearance hearings, preliminary hearings and waiver of extradition hearings which are conducted after an arrest. The magistrate court also has the jurisdiction to hold trials for defendants charged with violating county ordinances and misdemeanor deposit account fraud (bad checks). Additionally, this court has the authority to hold pre-warrant hearings that are applied for by citizens.



Tiffany McLendon – Probate/Magistrate Judge

Phone:  912-529-3342


Treutlen Magistrate Court Jackie Gressinger

Jackie Gressinger Chief Deputy Clerk 



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